We should give up, its hopeless. It is time to cut and run. I know many people will be surprised to hear this from me, but it is true. We have invested our blood and tears in this debacle for too long. The terrain is unforgiving and the people incorrigible.

Recently, this administration has even changed the name of what they are trying to do trying to not to sound as radical as those who have come before. This type of semantic games never work. It is a classic no win situation. You will never change the mind of such an ignorant people ruled by religious fanatics.

Look, other regimes have been down this road before and it has always ended in disaster. Let’s take the hint.

The British Empire tried it and it did not end well for them, did it?

So too the Russians, and they had their hats handed to them didn’t they?

So what makes us special? Huh? Why will we succeed where all others have failed? Truth is, we won’t. We will fail just like all others who have gone before us. This is the lesson. We don’t have the will or the money to do what is necessary, so let’s not try.Victory would cost thousands of lives and untold billions of dollars all in the pursuit of a previous administration’s fantasy, a fantasy the American people have never really bought in to.

No, we must face the truth. Victory is impossible. Retreat is the only victory left. This is tough to say, but the truth hurts. It is time to cut and run on the idea of socialized medicine.

As far as Afghanistan goes, we should do whatever it takes.