This is a crisis. There is no time to wait, no time to debate. The time for talk is over. We must act now or it is our doom.

During these past eight surreal months we have heard this mantra time and time again.

Economy is in CRISIS! We must past the stimulus by Tuesday or the the economy is over and we will all be eating from dumpsters!

Automotive is in CRISIS! Too big to fail! We must buy GM or risk the unions not contributing to my campaign! The time for debate is over! We must act now!

The environment is in CRISIS! We must pass the most massive tax hike in history by 3:30 pm or 4pm latest or else the ice caps will melt and the world will get hot or cold. The time for debate is over. We must act now!

Health care is in CRISIS! Sure 90% of people are satisfied with their coverage and our care is second to none – even for the uninsured! But this is a CRISIS I tell you! We must act now!

The (illegitimate) government of a country repeatedly denies the holocaust and regularly threatens to wipe Israel off the map is maybe only months away from possessing a nuclear weapon. By its own admission it is increasing its nuclear capability in defiance all international efforts. A Crisis? No no no. We must let cooler heads prevail. No need to move fast on this. Let diplomacy take its natural course. This is not a time to act but to talk.

The US currently has more sanctions against Honduras (HONDURAS!) then it does against the deadly thug regime in Tehran. The president addresses the general assembly of the UN as says nothing. Nothing other than how terrible we are and how wonderful he is. The only real crisis is the one this administration treats as an unimportant distraction.

Yes, we have a crisis in this country. The crisis is undeniable. A crisis of leadership. The time to act to resolve this crisis is now. Before its too late.