Michelle Malkin reports that President Obama wants to cut back on children’s summer vacation. Hmmm. Wonder why Obama wants children in school so much.

Could it be he wants more of this?

Come on. Well, we finally found something that Obama wants to cut other than missile defense. And what is it? Summer vacation! Hmmm. Who’d a thunk that Obama’s solution to failing public schools would be…more time in public (government) schools. Didn’t see that one coming, right? Let me guess that would also mean more money to the teacher’s unions too, right?

As Malkin writes:

If schools wasted less time on “social justice,” “Everyday Math” crap, eco-zealotry, field trips to gay weddings and illegal alien day labor centers, rappin’, revolution, and radicalism, and searching for children’s “inner Obamas,” they wouldn’t need to make up all the squandered days and weeks during the summer.

I fear that this may be a popular notion in these days when so many families have both parents working. This will seem like a great thing for many families for who keeping the children in school saves them the trouble of finding a sleepaway camp for the summer.

Patterico also has some thoughts on whether this would do any good.