Everywhere I go in the Catholic blogosphere somebody’s got an opinion on Chris West. Cheeky Pink Girl is defending him. Countless blogs including Steve Kellmeyer’s are very very upset with him.

The furor surrounding West has grown to such a level that Cardinal Justin Rigali, the archbishop of Philadelphia, and Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Harrisburg both announced their support of West’s work.

And West himself wrote a piece about the swirling controversy.

I’ve received a number of emails asking me about what our take is on him but I honestly don’t feel I know enough about him.

So I’m asking you guys to give me your thoughts. If the combox gets crazy or nasty I’ll just shut it down for the day. But I’m truly interested in what the thinking is on Chris West.

Update: Chelsea Zimmerman has a post up on Chris West today. I found it informative.

And thanks to all of you for keeping the dialogue above board.