To suggest that Europe, in particular the bureaucracy and the intelligentsia that make up the ruling class of the EU, gives little deference to Europe’s Christian history may well be regarded as the epitome of a “sky is blue” statement; obvious to the extreme. So it is that we cherish that rare moment when the lineal lethargy of the European working class (see def. of oxymoron) makes use of this otherwise disdained endowment.

Labor unions across Germany rejoice at the news that on those rare moments when their members are not on extended holiday, they will not be forced to work on Sunday.

BERLIN – Germany’s highest court has ruled that shops must remain closed on Sundays, overturning legislation in Berlin that allowed stores to open seven days a week, angering the nation’s churches.

Germany’s Constitutional Court ruled Tuesday that the looser shopping hours violated the nation’s constitution that upholds Sunday as a day of rest.

Surely your average German, ever so much more than your average Frenchman, needs the biblically ordained day of rest to recover from their governmentally ordained days of rest.

Of course other biblical mandates have not retained the same general esteem as the day of rest, after all keeping things holy requires so much more effort. Who has the energy to keep all ten commandments?