Whoa boy!

Somebody in Denmark is gonna have some ‘splainin to do to St. Peter one day.

Jim Geraghty reports on an editorial in a Danish newspaper says that Obama is greater than Jesus. This is not a paraphrase folks, this is what they said.

From the start, Obama’s critics have claimed that his supporters have idolised him as a saviour, thus attempting to dismantle the concrete hope that Obama has represented for most Americans.

The idea was naturally that the comparison between Jesus and Obama – which is something that the critics developed themselves – would be comical, blasphemous, or both.

If such a comparison were to be made, it would, of course, inevitably be to Obama’s advantage.

Today, his historic Health Reform is being passed through the American Senate – a welfare policy breakthrough that several of his predecessors have been unable to manage.

Despite all the compromises, it has finally been possible to ensure something so fundamental, as the right of every American not to be financially shipwrecked when their health fails them. Add to that the biggest ever financial support package in America’s history, a major disarmament agreement and the quickest-ever re-establishment of American reputation.

On the other hand, we have Jesus’ miracles that everyone still remembers, but which only benefitted a few. At the same time, we have the wonderful parables about his life and deeds that we know from the New Testament, but which have been interpreted so differently over the past 2000 years that it is impossible to give an unequivocal result of his work.

Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus – if we have to play that absurd Christmas game.

Our man Chesterton famously said “”When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything,” and this is certainly the case here. Secular Europeans have a messiah shaped hole in their hearts that if not filled with the Truth is inevitably filled with something—or as in many cases in European history—someone else.

So Obama is their messiah of the day. My fear is that when they inevitably are disappointed in the deliverer not delivering, they may turn to something or someone much worse.