Christian Churches and Christians in Jerusalem have recently been the victims of a number of anti-Christian attacks by ‘ultra-Orthodox’ Jews.

[Haaretz] These churches are located outside the Old City walls and in proximity to the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, and include Polish, Ethiopian, Romanian and Russian places of worship. They have recently encountered serious harassment and violence in the form of spitting and curses aimed at nuns and monks, a dead cat thrown into one church’s courtyard, anti-Christian slogans spray-painted on walls, and stone throwing.

The harassment has led to formal complaints lodged by a number of foreign states and resulted in a meeting between the Churches, the Israeli foreign ministry, and an ‘ultra-Orthodox’ rabbi.

Alright, somebody tell me how this is any different from the way the lefty media has treated Brit Hume. Maybe Brit should hide out in those Jerusalem churches because there he would likely get better treatment.