There is a fair amount of hooha over German Chancellor’s obvious, but typically private, observation that multiculturalism has failed.

We are a country which at the beginning of the 1960s actually brought guest workers to Germany and now they live with us, and we lied to ourselves for a while, saying that they wouldn’t stay and one day they would be gone.

That’s not the reality. Of course, the multicultural approach, that we live here side by side and be happy about each other, this approach has failed, utterly failed.

Duh. What’s more, she said some more obvious stuff.

Merkel told a meeting of young members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union that while immigrants are welcome in Germany, they must learn the language and accept the country’s cultural norms — sounding a note heard increasingly across Europe as it battles an economic slump and worries about homegrown terrorism.

Some remarks have been made that German’s should be extra-sensitive regarding such issues. Hogwash. Are they asking for anything unreasonable? Besides, German pols are hardly the first in Europe to make such observations. In fact, Merkel is quite behind the curve. Should Germans lose their culture because of the sensitivities of others?

But then again….

In a recent survey, over one third of Germans agreed with the statement “Germany is in serious danger of being overrun by foreigners.” Yeah so? They are, right?

“Additionally, more than 30 percent think that “foreigners come to take advantage of the welfare state” and that when jobs are scarce foreigners should be sent “back to their own country.”


For the first time, the pollsters asked whether the practice of Islam should be significantly restricted in Germany. A total of 58.4 percent of respondents said that it should be, even though such a restriction would violate Germany’s constitution, which guarantees freedom of religion.

58%?? Uh oh…..

More than one-tenth would like a “F├╝hrer” — the survey deliberately used the German word for “leader” that is associated with Adolf Hitler — who would govern the country “with a firm hand” for the benefit of all.

That’s not good.

Some 17.2 percent of respondents agreed with the statement: “Even today, Jews have too much influence.”

You know what, forget what I said earlier….