Nothing proclaims diversity like banning stuff, n’est-ce pas?

Quebec’s family minister, Yolande James, has banned all religious instruction in government-subsidized daycare centers. Since 1997, the province has subsidized 85% of daycare costs, with parents paying $7 per child per day.

“I want the young Quebecers who attend our daycare services to do so in a spirit of openness to others and diversity,” said Yolande James, Quebec’s family minister.

Under the new regulations, subsidized daycare centers are permitted to set up Christmas trees and Nativity scenes, but are forbidden to identify Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as figures in the scene, according to two Canadian newspaper reports. Christmas carols are also forbidden.

Remember, we won’t be truly diverse until we have banned everything.

If you are wondering why the obnoxious title? It seems like a gratuitous ad hominem attack on the Frenchies, and after all, they are not the only ones that do this stupid stuff.


OK, it is a gratuitous ad hominem attack on the Frenchies. Which I admit seems doubly unfair since we are not even talking about real Frenchies here, but rather some snobby guys who live ten minutes north of Massena, NY.

Its just that I prefer to be condescended to and discriminated against by a better class of people. Its kinda like being racially discriminated against by a bunch of civil war re-enactment dweebs.

Insult to injury.