Ever since the release of the Lila Rose – Live Action videos that exposed Planned Parenthood for their illegal practices (beyond the obvious immoral practices,) I have been following the debate over the sinfulness of subterfuge with much interest.

My esteemed colleague Mark Shea has treated on the subject twice in the last week (here and here.)

I have to admit that after reading Mark’s comments, the articles that he links to, and the catechism, the case seems cut and dry. And yet, I suspect that it is not. There remain some questions that I believe are unanswered.

I wish to be clear here before I continue; I am posing questions here, not making pronouncements. I am not making a defense of the particular actions of Lila Rose or Live Action. (Although I do suspect they may be justified.) Additionally, and please listen to me here, I am not advocating an ends justify the means defense. I wish to speak only about the idea that lying or deception is always wrong. The catechism seems, and may well be, complete and definitive on this point. Yet for me questions remain.

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