THIS is how a guy should fast during lent. I found this story at New Advent.

An American blogger has pledged to live only off beer during Lent.

Following the ancient tradition of Bavarian monks who brewed stronger beer during the Lenten fast in order to subsist on an almost entirely liquid diet, J Wilson will spend the 46 days of the Lenten period drinking only beer. The young man, who writes about beer on the internet and claims never to have done a Lenten fast in his life, will drink bockbier, which was originally brewed by the Paulaner monks in Munich.

The beer is a strong, dark, malty lager and is known as liquid bread. Traditionally, it was brewed by the monks for the periods of fasting in Lent and Advent. Mr Wilson has brewed his own bock-bier for the project.

He wrote: “I have a genuine love for beer, and am very drawn to the rich history it carries. Forty-six days is a long time without food. But if the the Paulaner brothers could do it under the guidance of God, I should be able to as well. A spiritual journey of this nature is no laughing matter, and I very much look forward to sharing it with you.”

I have given up beer for Lent, but it never occurred to me that I could reverse it and subsist on beer alone. As they say in the commercial…

I salute you, convincing everyone that your ridiculous bender is really an act of piety and penance guy, man of real genius.

Next year I will subsist, as did the great Keebler monks of yore, solely on Vienna Fingers.