You know, girls may not be that different from boys after all. I don’t mean in that icky Chaz Bono kinda way. I mean in the wickedly funny and wickedly stupid department.

To wit. Simcha Fisher’s post on…um… in ground trampolines and building a chair out of grass so that she can rest her pregnant body by the fire while having a beer.

For which she was axiomatically questioned/chastized about having a beer while pregnant to which she responded with her usual aplomb “Yeah, there was a study last year that showed that light drinking is safe (I’d dig it up if I weren’t so drunk right now).”


But then, but then….

The conversation took a turn for the better/bizarre/worse when Jen Fulwiler jumped in with a delightful suggestion (Note: Not child friendly) to enhance your outdoor beer drinking experience.

Next year I am totally inviting these chicks to my 4th of July party. If they bring the trampoline, I will provide the beer.