In an exclusive report to CMR (which means made up), our staff has uncovered that Planned Parenthood clinics throughout the country are ripping out their phone lines and are refusing to speak to anyone on the phone.

Some speculate that this sudden move is due to losing funding from several states throughout the country but this is not the cause of the emergency move. But the real reason is actually because Planned Parenthood is afraid of Lila Rose and Live Action team calling to expose them again.

Lila Rose and Live Action started calling into and stopping into abortion clinics years ago causing them several public relations disasters including most recently calling several clinics following up on a claim by Cecile Richards that they perform life saving mammograms. And just this week Live Action contacted clinics in Indiana catching them in a lie again about Medicaid patients’ access to healthcare.

In fact, Live Action and Lila Rose have hurt Planned Parenthood so badly that employees reportedly shudder each time the phone rings and make up excuses not to answer for fear it’s “that woman!”

Managers of Planned Parenthood clinics have found workers in the fetal position in the break room repeating “It’s her. It’s her. It’s definitely her.”

“That b*tch has cost us millions,” said one Planned Parenthood manager. “She sounds so sweet and innocent on the phone but she’s so mean because she shows the world what we’re actually saying and that’s just not right. There should be a law against that or something.”

One manager of a clinic said they didn’t really need the phones in her opinion because “everyone knows what we do here anyway. When you wanna’ get rid of your blob of tissue you come to us.”