Have you ever heard of Fr. Stefano Gobbi? Fr. Gobbi penned a book in which he detailed supposed locutions from the Blessed Virgin. It was quite the rage 20 plus years ago.

I read his book way back in the 80’s I think. I remember at the time thinking that so many of the things that he wrote about (future events at least) seemed improbable or impossible. He spoke of coming chastisements, which are certainly possible and richly deserved. But he also spoke about anti-Christ and the second coming and other things that seemed to indicate an imminent end. Of course, Fr. Gobbi could just have been wrong or perhaps I misinterpreted the messages, but it seemed to me at the time to miss the mark.

Jesus made a number of promises about things that would occur before his return, some of which have yet to happen and it seems implausible to impossible that they could all occur in the time frames mentioned in Fr. Gobbi’s book.

Perhaps Mary did really speak to Fr. Gobbi but he got mixed up or just got it wrong, or perhaps Mary never really did. Either way, it seems that the messages which created such a fanfare 20+ years ago never really amounted to much and have largely been forgotten.

Regardless of all that, Fr. Gobbi has now passed away and I pray that he is now having that conversation with the Blessed Mother.