I doubt that anyone is interested in this stuff, but its my blog so too bad.

As some of you may know, I am signed up to do the Ironman triathlon next year in NYC. As prep for that, I also plan to do the Philly Marathon in November.

The only thing standing between me and athletic glory is a stunning lack of talent, being completely out of shape, and I am significantly overweight. So besides those things, I rock.

The talent thing I can’t do anything about, but the other things I can. So I am 10 weeks into my training program. I have 381 days until the Ironman and 16 weeks until the marathon.

So this is my Fat Pat update:

10 weeks in and I have lost 31 lbs. (Still a lot more to lose unfortunately)
My long run is up to 12 miles and my weekly volume is up to 40 miles a week.
(**note. Fat guy running + 100 degree heat + high humidity + 12 miles = not fun)
Any type of running speed has not yet returned. At times I feel I do not have one functioning mitochondria in my entire body. Can mitochondria hold a grudge?

So over the next 4-6 weeks I will be bringing my weekly running volume to 50 miles and my long run up to 17. I will also begin introducing some light swim and bike workouts to begin familiarizing my body with them again, but my focus is running for now.

If anyone is interested, I can write the occasional update. If not, I will shut up about it.