The Diocese of Raleigh released new photos of its proposed new Cathedral of the Holy Name of Jesus this afternoon. There’s been some interesting buzz about it today in the blogs. One thing to note about this design: this is what is called “conceptual design,” meaning that it is the very first presentation as to what the cathedral might be like. The fundamental concepts of the building are being studied and presented. Many details are not yet worked out both in plan and in exterior ornamentation. Though the drawings look beautiful and are highly finished, the design itself is in what might be called a “sketch” stage. Final decisions about materials, whether or not the altar has a baldachino, etc., etc. are still yet to be decided. This a “first look.” Architect James McCrery and his staff will be working out the details in the months to come.

While the scale may be a bit deceiving, the cathedral will be big–seating about 2,000. To compare, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City seats about 2,500.