Well, I thought it time for another update on my training progress. For those who don’t know, I am a former fatty turned endurance athlete who returned to his former glorious and globular fatdom after years of spousal-induced inactivity.

Just about 100 days ago (98 to be precise), I embarked on a exuberantly-daft plan to get back in shape so that I can once again participate in the sport that I love/hate, triathlon. I have signed up to race in the inaugural Ironman US Championship in New York/New Jersey scheduled for August of 2012. In preparation for that feat of self-flagellating foolishness, I have signed up to run the Philadelphia Marathon this November.

So how is it going you didn’t ask? Well…

100 days in and I just passed the 50 lb. weight loss mark. Fitty pounds in a hundred days, I am pretty happy with that. Much of this weight loss is attributable to running. While speed is still elusive, my running endurance is doing well. Over the past month, I have averaged between 45-50 miles per week running. As a result, my running fitness is returning, albeit too slowly for my unreasonable-desire.

I have a 10k scheduled for next weekend to take measure of where I am running wise. I am now heading into the more intense part of my preparation for the marathon. The next 7 weeks will have me running between 50-60 miles per week including at least three 20 mile runs.

In addition to running, I have been back in the pool for the last few weeks and things are looking good there. I can already swim just about as far as I wish with no issues. My top end speed is not too bad either, and my overall speed during longer swims is showing signs of improvement. By the time I finish the marathon, I should be in decent swimming shape, at which point I will embark on a rigorous 2 month swim program. After that, all my attention turns to the bike.

As much progress as I have made, I still have a long way to go fitness and weight-wise. I hope to lose another 20 lbs before the marathon and an additional 10 lbs by the end of the year. That should position me to get the most out of my full-on Ironman training for next year.

Sorry to bore you with all the details, but it is my blog and I can write about whatever I wish 😉