A new report from a United Nations official claimed abortion as a “human right” and calls for decriminalization of and the removal of legal barriers related to abortion.

Liberals are pleased as punch and believe this will change the world.

RH Reality Check was overjoyed by the report:

The Rapporteur is taking unprecedented steps and now governments and civil society must (continue to) do their part to fully protect, respect and realize women’s sexual rights and reproductive rights.

The Health and Nutrition Development Society also acted like it was Christmas for abortionists (without all that Savior being born stuff), calling it, “a milestone in the struggle for the full realization of the right to health for all.”

The report contains clear and detailed recommendations for States, including a call to immediately decriminalize abortion, ensure access to a full range of modern contraceptive methods, and facilitate access to full, complete, and accurate information on sexual and reproductive health.

Amnesty International called it “groundbreaking.”

Stephanie Schlitt, Amnesty International’s Researcher and Policy Advisor on Gender, wrote,

“For almost eight years at Amnesty International I have worked to support research and campaigning on gender-related issues. I am in the middle of my first pregnancy just now. Being here at the UN to see this report being presented feels all the more poignant because of this. As I read the report, my thoughts turned to the girls and women all over the world whose experience of sexuality and reproduction is shaped by laws and policies that allow the state, and the people around them, to subject them to pressure, fear, intimidation, pain, suffering and punishment.”

She added, “Let’s hope more governments hear these voices, adhere to their international legal obligations and take the actions recommended in the report presented today!”

Never mind that many governments dismissed the “high level UN bureaucrat’s claim” according to LifeNews.com.

But pro-aborts see this report as the first step towards a mandated global pro-abortion policy. And you know what, they’re probably right.