Breaking Dawn, the latest chapter of the Twilight series comes out tonight at midnight. I’m sure there will be thousands of people on line waiting to get in. But as I have a Y chromosome I won’t be there. I don’t do vampires that sparkle.

But I’ve done a little reading and it seems to me that “Breaking Dawn” might be one of the most pro-life movies to come out of Hollywood in recent years. Yeah, sure there’s the whole brooding undead and werewolves with no shirts but in this movie, Bella, the heroine of the movies gets married and gets pregnant. (Yes, they waited until marriage to have sex.) And when she gets pregnant with some kind of half vampire/half human hybrid baby, the girl is told by a few people that she could die if she carries this baby to term.

But here’s the thing – Bella decided to keep the baby even knowing the risk. That’s pretty cool. And yeah, there’s probably lots of things wrong in the movie but that’s a pretty good message for young people. So before you roll your eyes at all things Twilight, know that all those girls lining up to see the film are going to see a very pro-life message come out of a mainstream movie.