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12:31 PM ET. Ridiculous. Rick up by 5 votes with 98% reporting. It is a tie.

12:25 AM ET. Santorum: Cutting taxes and spending is not enough.

12:20 AM ET. Rick thanks his wife, God, and Iowa. In that order! Rick down by 60 votes with 98% reporting.

12:02 AM ET. Rick up by 37 votes. Craaaazy.

11:58 PM ET. In an emotional concession speech, sounds like Rick Perry is getting out.

11:42 PM ET. Rick Santorum up by 109 with 96% reporting. He might just pull this off!!

11:37 PM ET. Thousands of people who just watched Newt’s concession just remembered why they used to not like him.

Santorum up by 70 votes with 95% in. Amazing.

11:23 PM ET. 93% in. Santorum by a nose hair.
11:20 PM ET. Doink! Gingrich compliments Santorum “Wish I could say that about all the candidates.” He be hatin’ on Romney.

11:16 PM ET. Holy crap. 13 vote difference.
11:07 PM ET. With 89% reporting, Romney by 125 votes. Wow.

11:02 PM ET. Bye Bye Boing Boing.

10:53 Pm ET. Even tighter!!! With 87% reporting….

Santorum 26,443 25%
Romney 26,398 25%
Paul 22,728 22%

10:45 PM ET. Via Fox with 79% reporting…

Romney 24,626 25%
Santorum 24,134 25%
Paul 21,002 22%

10:27 PM ET. With 49% reporting…

Santorum 13,594 25%
Romney 13,204 24%
Paul 12,205 22%

10:21 PM. Let’s face it. All these candidates are just competing to be on the ticket with Marco Rubio.

10:18 PM ET.
Hey Rick, prepare yourself for non-stop comparisons to Mike Huckabee starting in 3, 2, 1….

10:15 PM ET. Newt Gingrich blames all the negative ads for his poor showing in Iowa. Maybe so, Gingrich is his own negative ad.

9:56 PM ET. I wonder if the 11 people who voted for Cain are ex-girlfriends? Sorry…

9:53 PM ET. Dead heat continues. Gonna be a long night.

9:29 PM ET Boing-Boing 23%, Romney 23%, Santorum 23%
9:27 PM ET: Via Weasel Zippers. Over 50% of those under age of 30 are going for Ron Paul.
Ah, to be young and stu….

9:25PM ET. via NRO

Johnston, Iowa — As he reviews early returns, here on the second-floor of the Stoney Creek Inn, Mike Biundo, Rick Santorum’s campaign manager, is pleased with what he is hearing. The data, and especially the phone-call anecdotes, coming out of western Iowa, long expected to be Santorum Country, are strong. If Santorum can perform ably in the Catholic towns in the Northeast, and generate good numbers in more populated central Iowa, it could be quite the night for the former Pennsylvania senator.