You have to see this amazing speech of Archbishop Carlson given at the Rally for Religious Liberty in Missouri.

Here is one section of a great speech in which the Archbishop reminds President Obama that the Roman empire persecuted the Church too and we were will to suffer then and we are willing to suffer now. Rome is gone. The Church survives. Remember Rome!!

Here is the full speech with awesome applause lines cataloged by James McCrery who sent us this awesome footage. Stellar applause lines at 0:06, at 1:39, at 2:07, a riff from 2:56 to 3:13, at 3:40, at 4:35, at 5:12, at 5:55, at 8:25 (sustained), at 9:20, at 10:10, at 10:30, at 11:05, and at 12:15