According to Gallup’s recent survey 82% of Catholics believe contraception is morally acceptable. That’s a shame.

Gallup does point out that this has nothing to do with the fight over religious liberty but it is a helpful benchmark to know where we stand. In fact, those numbers were a little more encouraging.

At the same time, when given a choice, 56% of Catholics in a Gallup survey conducted Feb. 16-19 said they sympathized with the views of religious leaders on the contraception-healthcare coverage debate, while 39% sympathized with the Obama administration’s position.

But I think this highlights the desperate need that this fight over religious liberty affords us. Now would be a great time for priests, bishops and cardinals to preach about why contraception is morally unacceptable. Let’s use this government overreach as an opportunity to spread the message of the Catholic Church. We must remember that winning politically is great but winning souls is what we’re all about.