Don’t do it.

I am serious, don’t do it.

I have nothing against Rand Paul, other than his wacko Dad named him after a utilitarian dipstick, but this news scares me.

Mitt Romney had a lengthy sit down with Rand Paul, son of Professor Boing Boing.

Now Rand Paul seems like a sorta sane individual and no son should have to denounce his wacky father (other than Charlie Sheen, Colin Hanks, any of the offspring of Alec Baldwin.)

Note to Mitt. Ron Paul supporters are not conservatives. They are not the droids you are looking for.

Sources close to Senator Rand Paul tell National Review Online that Paul and Mitt Romney had a private meeting on Wednesday. Details of the topics discussed are hazy, but Paul — the son of Texas congressman (and presidential candidate) Ron Paul — reportedly found the meeting productive.

Ron Paul people are not the tea party and they are not the people you should be courting. I have nothing against Rand Paul, other than his experience and parentage make him the worst possible VP candidate imaginable.

Don’t do it!!!