The Cafferty File on CNN has a typically unbalanced report on the lawsuit against the HHS mandate. But this isn’t about the bias, it’s about how the Obama administration regularly lies.

Here’s a piece of the report:

As a compromise, they said insurance companies would have to provide contraception for employees who wanted it – so Catholic employers could avoid directly providing birth control.

But that wasn’t good enough for the church.

So far, the White House isn’t commenting on these lawsuits, although one official told The Wall Street Journal that they’re still trying to work things out with Catholic leaders: “Lawsuits or no lawsuits, our doors remain open.”

Doors remain open?

But this flies in the face of what Timothy Cardinal Dolan recently told Charlie Rose who said of Obama, “He keeps telling me he wants this to work,” said Dolan. But we’ve heard from the White House that this is all your going to get and there will be no substantial mitigation.”

So here you have two mutually exclusive statements from a Cardinal and the President but the media would rather just report that Obama has an open door to the bishops, which is a lie under pretty much any common definition of an open door.

You see, what Obama means when he says the door is open is that you’re welcome to come in and surrender any time.

Remember in 2010 when Benjamin Netanyahu came to the White House, Obama tried to get him to sign a written agreement about settlements. When Netanyahu refused, Obama stormed out of the meeting, told him he could consult with advisers and said “let me know if there is anything new.”

That’s what Obama means by open door.