10:15 AM: That’s IT. Liberty is done in this country.

Mandate has been struck DOWN- OR NOT— VERY CONFUSING

10:05 AM: Stolen Valor law struck down.

10:00 AM. IT. IS. TIME.

9:52 AM: The fate of liberty in this country rests with the institution that manufactured a “right” to kill babies. God help us.

9:48 AM: I cannot take this. If the government can do this, there is nothing it cannot do. That is not the contract that formed this country. If this happens, there is no U.S. anymore.

Update: 7:50AM. Couldn’t sleep all night. Just 2 hours away now. It could go either way. If upheld, there is nothing the gov’t can’t make you do. Anything. There is no limiting principle. If they do this, barring another revolution and/or constitutional convention, liberty dies today. When liberty is lost, it is only found again in bload-soaked places.

* * *

Today is the day. Just hours away now.

Does liberty die, smothered by a government without limit?

Or do we get a reprieve, even if only momentary? Do we get another chance?

Our fate may rest in the hands rests in the hands of of a single man in black robes. Just like the founders intended it, no?

Keep Praying!!

CMR will be covering it live, no matter what happens. In the meantime, buy canned goods and bullets. You may need them either way.