If reports are to be believed, the Chief Justice Roberts decision just went from worse to worser.

CBS reports that not only did Roberts change his vote on the healthcare mandate from overturning to upholding, he did so for fear of the liberal media.

Roberts’ change of heart was driven by left-wing media anger around the possibility that the law would be overturned. Roberts reads the papers, and is very concerned about the Court’s image.

So the Chief Justice knew the right thing to do but instead chose the easy thing to do.

This is the most despicable kind of cowardice. He sold our liberty for his own temporary approval and comfort.

I didn’t think I could feel worse about this turn of events. I was wrong.

Even worse? The conservative stalwart who pulled out all the stops to overturn the mandate? Justice Kennedy. We had Justice Kennedy and we lost because Roberts wants the cool kids to like him.

If Roberts real concern is the legitimacy of the Court in the eyes of the public, his cowardice is a death blow to it. Now that the liberal media know that their tactics work, it will be employed every single time. Truth is, we will never really know when it influences a decision and when it doesn’t but we do know that sometimes it does.

You don’t get more illegitimate than that.

That is the Roberts legacy.