You ever wish that some people were not on your side?

This is how I feel about Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin’s bizarre, unhelpful, and entirely beside the point comment the other day about women’s bodies naturally defending against pregnancy in the case of “legitimate” rape.

That is a whole lot of stupid packed into one little statement.

How does is benefit the pro-life argument to discuss the frequency of rape-induced pregnancy even if there was some magical biological defense? Life is life.

As if that was not bad enough, what the heck is “legitimate” rape? Does he want to spend the next 77 days defining illegitimate rape and the difference between the two?

This is one of the most muddled and politcally stupid comments a candidate could possibly make. Todd Akin is done as a candidate, I just hope he has at least enough sense to know it and get out.

There are some rumors that he might be doing just that.

Missouri Republican Todd Akin has begun moving toward ending his candidacy after his remarks on rape and abortion provoked a firestorm, a top Republican said.

“Akin is taking concrete steps to withdraw by tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.,” a senior Republican told BuzzFeed, adding that Akin could still change his mind.

But a Republican close to Akin said his position hasn’t changed: He’s still in the race.

Tomorrow afternoon is an important deadline: If he files papers to end his candidacy in Jefferson City tomorrow he can end his candidacy unilaterally; after that, he would have to file an application in court.

Get out now and at least give another pro-life candidate a shot at the seat. Pro-lifers need every seat they can get and the only sure thing here is that it won’t be Akin.

Update: Nope.  He is just as stupid as he seems.

Todd Akin, in an interview with Sean Hannity on his radio show that’s
still going on, said despite some media reports, he is not actually
leaving the Missouri race.

“I was told that there is a decision has to be made by 5 o’clock
tomororw but I was calling you and letting you know that I’m announcing
today that we’re (staying) in,” Akin told Hannity.
Asked if he’d thought about the consequences of staying in, the congressman said he has.
“I certainly have, and I’ve just run a very tough primary race in the
state of Missouri,” he said, “I stuck to basically our conservative
principles … when people make a mistake and they are honest about it
and say it was a mistake, I (think) they move on.”
“I still believe I’m in the strongest position to (win),” he said.
Hannity, for his part, did not urge Akin on. At various points, he
told Akin he thought this was going to be very difficult for him to get
past, and suggested it was going to be creating a potential problem for
not just his own race, but other people’s races as well.

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