Who’d a thunk it? The Democratic Party doesn’t like children or the women who choose to have them. Who could’ve possibly seen this coming?

Weasel Zippers has the report from the Politico:

A number of local chapters of the National Organization for Women are denouncing the DNC convention rules, saying that they unfairly exclude mothers with young children.

“Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are the key to women. It’s both right and smart for the Democratic Convention to behave as if children exist,” activist Gloria Steinem said in a release.

The group of southern California chapters of NOW are pointing to the lack of childcare at the conventions, as well as the difficulty female delegates have in bringing children to the convention floor. According to the activists, the DNC is requiring young children to have credentials to come onto the convention floor with their parents.

Here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure that come election day Gloria Steinem will still line up with her other sisters from the 60’s to pull the lever for Obama but it’s still nice to see them come face to face with their own ideology. The Democratic party is the party of death and first on the hit list is children. And first on the mockery list are those mothers who take motherhood seriously. So perhaps you could understand why the Democrat Party bureaucrats didn’t make children and their mothers a priority for the convention.