I don’t think that Sarah Palin is right on this one. Akin made a huge mistake that may cost us the Senate. But I think he still has a better chance at victory than a 3rd party candidate.

In order to take back the Senate and promote the ideas and policies of respecting and protecting the sanctity of human life. And respecting the idea and policies that would perpetuate a strong economy based on empowering hard-working individuals instead of growing dysfunctional indebted government, we have to take back the Senate, and Missouri is a must-win state. The way we do that is to have someone like Sarah Steelman be able to run, even if it’s as a third-party candidate, to be able to run and take this back,” Palin said.

I say we give Akin a few weeks of breathing room to see if he can still make this a race. If he can, then conservatives and the RNC need to support him.

Taking back the Senate is too important and we cannot afford to cede even a single seat. What is the right tactical move? What say you?