I took the kids to Knoebel’s yesterday, a great amusement park in Pennsylvania. I’ve come to the conclusion that every parent looks like an awesome parent taking their kids into an amusement park. The real test is how the parent looks getting the kid to leave the amusement park. There, it’s a little harder to look like a good parent.

One funny thing I watched was my ten year old and my five year old were in some kind of spaceship that goes up and down by pulling on a lever. My five year old wanted to control “the up and down” so the ten year old let her.

But when the ride started up it was really really loud so the five year old covered her ears instead of controlling the up and down. So while everyone else went up and down my kids hovered about six inches off the ground. Round and round they went until the ten year old leaned up and covered the five year old’s ears with her hands thus freeing the five year old to go up and down. And boy did they.

But the image of them going round and round with the ten year old covering the five year old’s ears will be going round and round in my head for a long time.