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I watched the speeches and I’ve got to tell you, other than Clinton it was a parade of lunatics from Sandra Fluke lying her face off and Elizabeth “Fauxcohontos” Warren lecturing us.

But the media says it was awesome. They are just over the top in love with this abortionpalooza.

Here’s ABC’s Rick Klein on Clinton Speech: “this speech was a living, breathing organism. the crowd, the hall, the speech, one.”

So babies in the womb aren’t living breathing organisms but Bill Clinton’s words are?

But the coup de grace is this column that appeared on CNN by David Rothkopf,. This column in and of itself is enough for Clinton to get a restraining order on this “dude.” Something tells me he wants to wear the blue dress, if you know what I mean.

As Bill Clinton walked out onto the stage of the Democratic National Convention last night, there was love in the air. Television cameras scanned the faces in the crowd and it was as if each man and each woman, regardless of their ages or where they came from, was seeing again the person who first stole their hearts. But however deep their affections, however dizzying their passion, it was clear that it was at least equaled by the love of the speaker for the crowd he faced, for the role he was playing and for the limelight he once again commanded.

Throughout Clinton’s 49-minute address, at turns both masterful and meandering, the intensity of the love affair grew. At times, it was almost too much to watch. One woman on whom the cameras lingered for a moment was so close to a swoon that I thought she would topple over at any minute and that, in any event, she would never again look at her husband or lover again in the same away. They would always be second best.