This video is amazing and represents the Democrat Party in a nutshell. When the political blowback from removing God and Jerusalem from the platform became to much, Obama intervened to force an amendment. When a significant or at least a significant plurality objected to a vote requiring a 2/3 majority, the chair didn’t like that answer and called for another vote. When the same thing happened 2 more times, he just lied about the result. Watch this amazing video and then read my commentary below.


Now the Democrats know how it feels to have legislation shoved down your throat even over the expressed will of the majority. Sucks don’t it?

Today, the Democrats booed God and the Jews, no wonder they were afraid of lightning.

Bottom line, Democrats don’t care what you think even if you are a democrat.

After today’s debacle, the Democrat Party really should remove the any allusion to democracy in their name. They should just be The Party.

Dem leaders screwed their delegates today and they didn’t even need taxpayer subsidized birth control to do it

Get used to this, this is our future if they win.