Is there anyone out there who thinks that the Democrats left God out of their party’s platform by accident? Can you really think that it was essentially a typo?

Well, Jacques Berlinerblau, an associate professor and director of Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University, whose next book “How to Be Secular: A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom” will be released this month is saying that the Democratic Party’s removal of any mention of God “was an accident.”

In 2000, God was mentioned four times in the party’s platform. In 2004, God was mentioned seven times. And in 2008, God was mentioned once, according to Fox News. Now He’s gone. All gone.

In a piece for On Faith, called “The ‘Godless’ Democrats: Again?” Berlinerblau writes:

This raises a key question: How did those who drafted the platform make an error that hands back to the Republicans–if only for a nanosecond–the stick they had used to beat the Democrats senseless for a good 30 years?…

The point is this: as much some atheists, separationists and conservative Christians would like it to be so, the absence of a divine reference in the party platform was an accident—an error that masks the Democrats often troubling turn to faith-based politics and pandering.

Berlinerblau said that the Democrats made sure that they wouldn’t be vulnerable to charges of godlessness because there were many mentions of God during the first night of the convention.

Yeah, that changes everything. Nobody will even think about it anymore.

And if you can believe that I guess you can believe that Georgetown removed the cross when Obama spoke there by accident as well. Just a big misunderstanding.