The SSPX will Remain Status Quo Under Pope Benedict.

Rorate reports on a letter by SSPX District Superior for Asia, Fr. Daniel Couture, published in “Appeal to the SSPX Korean faithful” which contains the following passage.

Bishop Fellay said recently, in many public conferences in Australia, that nothing new would happen for the SSPX under the present pope. And if we consider the appointment last June of the German Archbishop Müller at the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – he considers Vatican II as infallible – the present situation is going to continue as it is for many more years.

Some however thought and prophesised that Bishop Fellay was going to surrender the SSPX to the modernist authorities, to the conciliar errors and to the new mass. They were certain this was going to happen in June. But it didn’t. They then announced it was going to happen in July. It didn’t. Now they say it will be in October, or November, it will not. Or in 5 or 10 years. It will not! They are like the false prophets announcing repeatedly that the end of world is imminent, and that we should store food in our houses in preparation. As a consequence people live in constant fear of what might happen soon. Those who are doing this today are leading souls by fear and away from Catholic Tradition.

Is any hope of progress on this front a dead letter for the remainder of Pope Benedict’s pontificate? That would be sad, but it might be true.

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