Who’d have thought that the party of killing babies, gay marriage, and free contraception would hold a fundraiser for their fearless leader where they stuffed their donations into the thongs of male models? Who could’ve possible seen this coming?

A racy fundraiser for President Barack Obama in Manhattan featured male dancers collecting tips. The event was called “Gogo for Obama.”

“The fundraiser, hosted by a gaggle of models, fashion editors and socialites, is just one of hundreds of such small, grass-roots events organized by individual donors and held throughout campaign season in private homes or during backyard barbecues,” the Washington Post reports. “Saturday’s soiree proved that with broad support from new interest groups comes a new breed of campaign fundraiser — a kind that might make some buttoned-up campaign types wince

.” I guess this is kind of similar to what I hope happens in this election. I just want Obama to go. Go!