In a city where 41 percent of pregnancies result in abortion a new figure is coming out that’s just horrifying.

Big Government reports:

According to the Chairoscuro Foundation, New York City’s disastrous abortion rate – 41 percent of all pregnancies in the city end in abortion – is largely the result of repeat abortions. The highest rate of abortion in New York City is in the Manhattan Chelsea-Clinton neighborhood, where 67 percent of pregnancies in end in abortion. Most shocking, in 2009, a full 56 percent of abortions were second abortions; 38 percent were paid for by Medicaid.

These statistics give the lie to the liberal notion that abortion can be safe, legal, and rare. Rare is obviously not a priority for groups that are happy to perform abortion on demand. And far too many women are using abortion as a method of birth control

.It drives me crazy how many times abortion supporters say that this is never a decision taken lightly and abortion is never used as a contraceptive. That’s a lie. We shouldn’t let it be told anymore.