Modern psychology defines cognitive dissonance as holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. The idea is that within a rational mind, this state should provide some level of discomfort and thus the person tries to construct a consistent worldview, even if they must jump through mental hoops to do it.

While anecdote may not be data, I have an anecdote that I believe illustrates a form of cognitive dissonance among some of those on the secular left in this country and this week’s events brings this condition to the fore.

It all starts with two cups, one red and one blue, filled with coffee.

I was on a business trip this week. On the way to our early meeting, a colleague and I stopped into 7-eleven to get a cup of coffee. At the coffee counter, you can select one of two cups into which you pour your coffee. One is red with the name Romney on the side and the other blue emblazoned with Obama. I selected a red cup while he selected blue.

We have known each other for some time…

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