I present the following anecdote as evidence that the media’s manufactured Romney gaffe du jour might not having the intended effect.

A middle of the road colleague at work who knows I am a political animal and that I would crawl over broken glass that’s on fire and covered in acid to vote against Barack Obama greeted me the other morning.

“Hey,’ smirking he said “Did you see what Romney said about 47% of the people?”

“Yes I did.”

“He said that 47% of the people pay no taxes.”

“Yes, he should have been a little more precise. 47% of the people pay no federal income tax.”


“Yes. Its true. 47% of the people pay no federal income tax. Why would they vote to lower your income taxes when they don’t pay anything and get a free ride.”

“Is that true?”

“100% guaranteed. Look it up.”

“That’s crazy!”

“And when it gets to over 50% who pay no tax, there will nothing you can do to stop them. That is called tyranny my friend.”

“47% pay no federal income tax? That is crazy. I have to look into this more…”


Ruh roh!

*subhead*Ruh roh!.*subhead*