A New Hampshire newspaper is reporting that some old white dude got busted for smoking the gange and got off because he swore he was only toking because of his religion –which is Rastafarian. Seriously.

A Belknap County Superior Court jury cleared a Barnstead resident of a felony drug charge last week, siding with a defense lawyer who encouraged the jury to nullify the verdict on the grounds that the marijuana use was part of his Rastafarian religion.

I’ve gotta’ wonder about this whole religious freedom angle here a little bit, don’t I?

I mean this guy gets to take illegal drugs because of freedom of religion but I can’t say I don’t want to pay for some chick’s baby-go-bye bye pills because I’m a Catholic. No, that doesn’t fly. Does it? Well, I guess it does. But it shouldn’t.

I wonder if I’m soon going to have to pay for his dope. You know, because it’s his religion and all.