I don’t have a lot of time but I just wanted to get this out there. Think about what happened last night. Joe Biden told us that the White House never heard that the Benghazi embassy had requested more security. Jay Carney made it plain today that the State Department knew of the request but the Administration didn’t. They’re laying the blame clearly on the State department here.

And then afterwards they’re saying that the only reason they blamed the YouTube video was because of “bad intel.” So that’s not their fault either.

Uhm. Do these people understand that all these folks work for them. That’s the thing Obama never learned, you can’t point the finger when you’re president. It’s your responsibility.

One interesting thing is that the White House has clearly laid the blame on the State Department and Hillary Clinton. Remember, Hillary is leaving her post at the end of this term anyway. It’ll be interesting to see if she accepts the blame or will there be push back?

No matter what, this blame passing is nothing short of a dereliction of duty. I hope Mitt Romney points this out.

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