Yeah yeah, Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama today. Ho freakin’ hum. Guess who Romney got? Meatloaf. Dude, this is not a contest. Meatloaf wins that one hands down.

Seriously, who would you rather have over for a barbecue? Powell or Meatloaf. Which one do you think would have the better stories? Sure, Meatloaf might eat more hotdogs than he asked you to put on and you might have to make a booze run at 1 a.m. and sure he might sleep and sweat all night on your couch. But it would be awesome. And you can Lysol the couch after he leaves.

And get this – Meatloaf broke it down for GOPers along with Kid Rock on stage. How cool is that? Oh, just a note -if Kid Rock shows up to your house with Meatloaf just gather your kids and move out like Dennis Wilson did when the Manson gang shacked up in his place. Just leave it behind. It’s not worth fighting.

And on top of that, Clint Eastwood cut an ad for Mitt. Yeah, Obama gets an actress nobody ever heard of to talk dirty and we get Clint. It’s almost not even fair.