I know this isn’t data but it drives me crazy. My kids go to a Catholic school. Up until last year I was thrilled with our parish elementary school but unfortunately we were regionalized. I’m still taking a wait and see attitude. But we had parent-teacher conferences today and in one class they had a chart up, talking about which way the kids in second grade were going to vote.

12 for Obama and 5 for Romney.

What? This is a Catholic school! I’m just not getting how a majority of these kids could be coming from Obama supporting families.

And one of my kids said a teacher of theirs announced in class that he was going to vote for Obama. He did, however, invite debate.

I know I’m in the Philly suburbs which leans heavily blue but Obama is attacking religious liberty and is radically pro-abortion and pro-gay “marriage.”

I’m just not getting how Obama is getting this kind of support from Catholics.