Well, this is interesting. I know this is the silliest storyline ever written on this blog so why not double down, eh?

A few days ago I was practically suicidal that my son’s second grade class voted in a classroom vote 13-5 in favor of Obama. I was really kinda’ freaked out about it. I know I’m a bit unhinged but there’s a lot riding on this. I was especially freaked out for a few reasons
1) We’re in the all important Philadelphia suburbs.
2) We’re a Catholic school!!!

And pardon me, but I can’t see how Catholics who take the time and money to send their children to Catholic school could possibly vote for Obama. But anyway, the good news is that the entire school held a vote today and it turned out that Romney trounced Obama 225-117 or something close to that.

So it’s just the second grade that’s filled with a bunch of commie rugrats. Other than that, the school is good.

But it’s interesting anecdata from a Catholic elementary school in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Do with it what you will. I hope this gives come modicum of comfort to your worried minds.