I think this may be one of the most disturbing things to occur this election day. Votes on gay marriage in three states seem to be going against traditional marriage.

Maryland, Maine and Minnesota are giving a thumbs up to same-sex marriage questions in early returns.

Maryland voters were approving the state’s Civil Marriage Protection Act of 2012, but it is close, and a long ways from final.

The Maryland Legislature had created a civil marriage license and protected churches, only to see the measure end up on the ballot. Maryland voters were also drawn to the polls with a proposal to expand gambling in the Old Line State. Gov. Martin O’Malley, who gets mentioned as a Democratic presidential prospect, supported the same-sex marriage vote.

Maine revisited same-sex marriage with Question 1. Three years after Maine voters rejected legislation to allow same-sex couples to wed, they were narrowly approving the same question from 2009. Voters were asked if they wanted the state of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Minnesota voters were asked to amend the state Constitution to deny marriage to same-sex couples. It is still early in the count, but the margin to reject is strong.

I think the argument that you can be personally pro-traditional marriage but you have no right to legislate your morality that worked so well for liberals in the abortion debate is working in the marriage debate.

And we’re told that just because the government recognizes gay marriage, it doesn’t mean that churches will be forced to recognize of perform them. But that’s a little hard to believe when we were told the same thing about abortion and now religious institutions are being forced to provide abortifacient coverage to employees.

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