This one hurt.

I advised my followers on Twitter last night that the next time I wrote a post about the polls being wrong, somebody should punch me in the ear.

So what does this mean? Many many people, including people smarter than me about these things, expected this to be a turnout election. We expected the turnout to be close to even with either a slight edge to Democrats or a slight edge to Republicans. Either way, most were in a agreement that it wouldn’t be anything like 2008. We were wrong. Exit polls have it pegged at D+6, fairly close to 2008.

So, what does this mean. It means that Republicans can no longer win national elections by turning out the base alone. They have to start convincing more people that they have the answers. They can no longer continue to write off blacks and Latinos as un-winnable and expect to win. There is just not enough base to do it.

Another lesson is that Catholics just don’t care in the slightest about the persecution initiated by this President and about the unborn. Every indication is that Catholics have granted an imprimatur for their own oppression. The reasons for this are a topic for another post.

Another key lesson Republicans should learn is about the nominating process. First, I don’t think that Mitt Romney is a bad man or that he was a particularly bad candidate. But, during the primary process conservatives looking for any alternative but Mitt bounced from candidate to candidate. For this we were harangued by party leadership and pundits alike that we had to nominate Mitt because he is ‘electable.’ To all those who beat us up over this back then, you know what you can go do to yourself.

I do not understand this ridiculous notion that we should nominate the candidate we like least so that others will like him. If we don’t like him, why the hell should anybody else? Republican moderates lose, period. I know the mantra by the Republican establishment will blame this on social conservatives and urge us to nominate someone even more moderate next time. They are idiots.

And the bottom line for me, if Americans would not reject this President under these circumstances, with a record of such unmitigated failure and with the prospect of country destroying debt looming, there may be no coming back for America. I am serious about that. Seriously, what will it take for Americans to change course? You would have to imagine that whatever it is it will be too late. I mean, look at Greece. They are past the point of no return and their country is in ruins and they still keep going. We. Are. Doomed.

I am buying beer, bullets, and a bus ticket to Texas and maybe somebody someday will pick the good fight.