The headlines blare “Judge rejects Nativity displays in Santa Monica.”

Well, yes. And no.

From press accounts, my understanding is that the city is not just banning Nativity displays, but all displays. That is a little different.

Of course, this action was prompted by militant atheists, but hey they pay taxes too.

It seems that the demand for the display locations was so great (due to the atheists) that the city decided last year to do a lottery in which most of the locations were won by atheists. Now the city decided that the cost and the hassle is no longer worth it and decided on no more displays period.

Now that may be unfortunate, but it is not completely unreasonable and certainly not a particular bias against Christians. Of course the atheists are pleased with this result, but pleasing atheists is not always unconstitutional (although wouldn’t it be great if it was?)

Yes, this is an unfortunate end to a long standing tradition, but the ruling itself is not that bad. Take comfort in that if you can.

*subhead*Not so bad.*subhead*