This is an ugly situation.

She wanted an abortion. He didn’t. She relented. But she gave the baby up for adoption without seeking his consent.

What to do?

While many would acknowledge this is a tough situation, this kind of thing goes on all the time for abortions. If a woman wants to abort, a man has no legal recourse to save their child. So it follows logically that a man should have no legal recourse when it comes to adoption too, right?

A Texas man is battling for custody of his first-born daughter after his wife successfully gave her up for adoption without telling him – to a family who now refuses to return the girl.

Terry Achane, 31, a drill instructor in South Carolina, says it was just days after he left his pregnant wife for his new job out of state that she quietly signed over their unborn baby to a family of seven in Utah.

His newborn baby, whom he had wanted to name Teleah, was given to Jared and Kristi Frei, who now say the girl is theirs and won’t give her back without a fight.

This is a confusing situation but what’s made very clear is that men’s rights are non-existent when it comes to children.

Update: If Texas does say both parents have to sign for an adoption as some commenters are saying, then it makes no sense that fathers shouldn’t have a say in abortion then. Right?