Hey, remember when Pope Benedict XVI said that contraception usage doesn’t lead to lower abortion rates and everyone freaked out on him. Turns out he’s right. We knew it all along but a new study is finally showing it.

And you know how certain “pro-life Democrats” say things like Barack Obama is “pro-life” because by increasing contraception use he will decrease the number of abortions. Turns out they’re wrong. And science is proving it.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A new study from Russia has revealed that, contrary to the claims of abortion advocates, Russia continues to have one of the world’s highest abortion rates despite higher contraception rates.

Researchers at Moscow State University studied changes in birth control practices in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, and correlated the prevalence of “modern methods” of contraceptive use to trends in abortion.

They found that while Russian women have the highest rate of contraceptive use compared to those in Belarus and Ukraine, they also have the highest abortion rate.

Researchers were perplexed by this, calling the findings “contradictory,” “unexpected,” and “paradoxical.”

Weird, huh? If you convince people they have consequenceless sex which turns out to be not without consequence they will seek to rid themselves of that consequence.

This study will, of course, be ignored by those who claim to embrace science. and reason. Sheesh. It’s almost like they’re more interested in pushing an agenda than facts. Almost.

The thing is, they know that contraception leads to abortion. Think about who the biggest pushers of contraception are – Planned Parenthood, which makes millions performing abortions. Hmmm…

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