This is the weirdest story of the day. Maybe the week. A dude went to a darts tournament and the crowd got all angry with him because he looked like Jesus and he actually got tossed out for looking like Jesus.

And you know what I’m thinking. THERE WAS A CROWD AT A DARTS TOURNAMENT?!!!!!!

The Sun reports:

A DARTS fan was forced to leave a live televised final – because he looked like JESUS.

Bearded Nathan Grindal, 33, was enjoying the match between star champ Phil Taylor and Kim Huybrechts when some of the 4,500-strong audience spotted his likeness to the son of God.

Chants of “Jesus” quickly spread through the rowdy crowd, interrupting play at Butlins in Minehead, Somerset.

Security was called before six bouncers escorted upset Nathan from the Cash Converters Players’ Championship, being shown on ITV4.

Look. I understand that when you reject Christianity you have to fill that hole with something. But darts? Really?

Darts is something you do at the bar because your ass went numb from sitting at the bar too long. That’s it.

I actually understand the players playing it if they’re getting paid but I really don’t understand a crowd gathering to see it.

The world is doomed. We’re becoming anti-Jesus and pro-darts. That’s doomed.