I read recently someone arguing against Pope Benedict’s recent comments about gay marriage. The writer took issue with it and argued that homosexuality was natural because homosexual behavior is found in animal behavior. I couldn’t help but think that there are plenty of things animals do that don’t seem particularly pleasant.

I watch some television. I see the nature shows. It seems to me that there’s not a lot whole lot that’s pleasant in the lives of animals who constantly live under the threat of death from starvation or being eaten. It seems to me that animals should probably try to imitate humans rather than human looking to animals as a guide for truth.

Many animals don’t mate for life. They simply procreate and wander away from each other. Some animals eat their young. Can you imagine the barbarity of a species that destroys its own babies?

In short, I’m convinced that the march toward secularism is actually a descent into Darwinism.